Professional summary

Burak's research focuses on understanding the impacts of climate change on hydrology and agriculture across various scales, ranging from local to global perspectives.

By enhancing the accuracy and reliability of short to seasonal flow forecasts through integrating statistical and hydrological modelling techniques, Burak's work contributes to better water resource management and decision-making. This includes a comprehensive understanding of potential hydrological shifts by employing various Global Climate Models and Shared Socioeconomic Pathway scenarios.

Burak is analysing the feasibility of agricultural production using phenological indicators and crop models by comparing the current status to possible future conditions. He is also identifying regions with current climate conditions similar to projected future climates by using climate analogue methods. This can uncover actionable insights for farmers and decision-makers, helping them anticipate and adapt to changing environmental conditions, optimize crop selections, and enhance overall agricultural sustainability.

Burak's research also aims to enhance drought impact forecasting by integrating advanced modelling techniques and remote sensing data, with a focus on improving the accuracy and lead time of predictions to mitigate the socio-economic and environmental consequences of drought events. He is working to understand the underlying mechanisms, assess future vulnerabilities, and develop adaptive strategies to mitigate the escalating impacts of drought on water resources, agriculture, and ecosystems.

Other Publications

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