Professional summary

Brief CV

I joined CEH Merlewood in 1995, after completing a HND in Environmental Land Management at Newton Rigg College, Penrith.

The first eight years of my time I spent working within the Radioecology Section, carrying out field sampling, sample preparation, experiment set up and radiochemical analysis (α,β,γ).

I was also an Assistant Radiation Protection Supervisor within this period.

During 2003 I gained a promotion and a new position within the ECN Section, where I work as the Assistant Site Manager for the Moorhouse - Upper Teesdale site, this project was set up in the early 90's and throughout the year we monitor a full range of biological and chemical variables, both in the terrestrial and freshwater environment.

As well as collecting data for the ECN, we also contribute to other national monitoring schemes such as, UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (UKBMS), UKEAP: National Ammonia Monitoring Network, UK Light Trapping Network. Met Office Rainfall reports, UKEAP Precipitation Network.

For the last few years I have  been helping out on the fieldwork associated with the long term monitoring projects looking at fish populations and water quality on Lake Windermere (Pike, Perch and Char).

Since 2019 I have been involved with The Predatory Birds Monitoring Scheme, carrying out post mortems on birds sent in by the general public, to provide samples for environmental contaminant analysis.  




HND in Environmental Land Management - Newton Rigg College

Work-related training

First Aid at Work - First Aid in Remote Areas - Level 2

Navigation Outdoors - Level 1 - OCNW

Using Bat detectors and sound analyses tools - Bat Conservation Trust

Certificate of Competence - Electric Fishing - FBA Eaststoke

RYA Level 1 Powerboating Introduction