Professional summary

Anna Belcher is a catchment biogeochemist working in the Freshwater restoration and sustainability team. She is an observational scientist, making field measurements to understand nutrient and carbon cycling in aquatic systems.

Anna completed her undergraduate masters degree in Oceanography at the University of Southampton, with a year at the University of Washington, Seattle. After 2 years working an an oceanographic surveyor, she returned to the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton where she completed a PhD on particulate organic carbon cycling in the Southern Ocean. Following this Anna worked as a post-doc with British Antarctic Survey for 5 years, looking at respiration of mesopelagic fish, carbon cycling in the ocean interior, and the role of krill in biogeochemical cycling.

In 2023, Anna worked in the greenhouse gas flux team at Forest Research, supporting eddy covariance, soil respiration and met station measurements, supporting the collection of data to investigate the role of UK managed forests on UK carbon inventories.

Anna moved to UKCEH in 2024 to work with the freshwater team and is currently involved in a number of projects including, BIOPOLE (BIOPOLE - Biopole), MERLIN (MERLIN | UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (, GHG Aqua ()GHG Aqua | UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology ( and a project with Scottish water looking at water quality with depth in reservoirs.

Other Publications

The importance of Antarctic krill in biogeochemical cycles