Prof. Andrew C Johnson

Selected Publications


Liu Na; Jin Xiaowei; Zhou Junying; Wang Yeyao; Yang Qi; Wu Fengchang; Giesy John P.; Johnson Andrew C.; , 2018, Predicted no-effect concentration (PNEC) and assessment of risk for the fungicide, triadimefon based on reproductive fitness of aquatic organisms. Chemosphere, 207, 682-689

Lu Yonglong; Wang Ruoshi; Shi Yajuan; Su Chao; Yuan Jingjing; Johnson Andrew C.; Jenkins Alan; Ferrier Robert C.; Chen Deliang; Tian Hanqin; Melillo Jerry; Song Shuai; Ellison Aaron M.; , 2018, Interaction between pollution and climate change augments ecological risk to a coastal ecosystem. Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, 4, 161-168

Quinn Shannon E.; Dyer Scott D.; Fan Ming; Keller Virginie D.J.; Johnson Andrew C.; Williams Richard J.; , 2018, Predicting risks from down-the-drain chemicals in a developing country: Mexico and linear alkylbenzene sulfonate as a case study. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Zhang Yueqing; Lu Yonglong; Wang Pei; Li Qifeng; Zhang Meng; Johnson Andrew C.; , 2018, Transport of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) into the soil, water and sediment from a large producer in China. Science of the Total Environment, 610-611, 94-100

Johnson Andrew C.; Donnachie Rachel L.; Sumpter John P.; Juergens Monika D.; Moeckel Claudia; Pereira M. Gloria; , 2017, An alternative approach to risk rank chemicals on the threat they pose to the aquatic environment . Science of the Total Environment, 599-600, 1372-1381

Hanamoto Seiya; Nakada Norihide; Juergens Monika D.; Johnson Andrew C.; Yamashita Naoyuki; Tanaka Hiroaki; , 2017, The different fate of antibiotics in the Thames River, UK, and the Katsura River, Japan. Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Liu Zhaoyang; Lu Yonglong; Shi Yajuan; Wang Pei; Jones Kevin; Sweetman Andrew J.; Johnson Andrew C.; Zhang Meng; Zhou Yunqiao; Lu Xiaotian; Su Chao; Sarvajayakesavaluc Suriyanarayanan; Khan Kifayatullah; , 2017, Crop bioaccumulation and human exposure of perfluoroalkyl acids through multi-media transport from a mega fluorochemical industrial park, China. Environment International, 106, 37-47

Zhang Meng; Shi Yajuan; Lu Yonglong; Johnson Andrew C.; Sarvajayakesavalu Suriyanarayanan; Liu Zhaoyang; Su Chao; Zhang Yueqing; Juergens Monika D.; Jin Xiaowei; , 2017, The relative risk and its distribution of endocrine disrupting chemicals, pharmaceuticals and personal care products to freshwater organisms in the Bohai Rim, China. Science of the Total Environment, 590-591, 633-642

Zhang Yueqing; Johnson Andrew C.; Su Chao; Zhang Meng; Juergens Monika D.; Shi Yajuan; Lu Yonglong; , 2017, Which persistent organic pollutants in the rivers of the Bohai region of China represent the greatest risk to the local ecosystem?. Chemosphere, 178, 11-18

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Su Hongqiao; Shi Yajuan; Lu Yonglong; Wang Pei; Zhang Meng; Sweetman Andrew; Jones Kevin; Johnson Andrew; , 2017, Home produced eggs: an important pathway of human exposure to perfluorobutanoic acid (PFBA) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) around a fluorochemical industrial park in China. Environment International, 101, 1-6

Liu Zhaoyang; Lu Yonglong; Wang Pei; Wang Tieyu; Liu Shijie; Johnson Andrew C.; Sweetman Andrew J.; Baninla Yvette; , 2017, Pollution pathways and release estimation of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in central and eastern China. Science of the Total Environment, 580, 1247-1256

Su Chao; Lu Yonglong; Johnson Andrew C.; Shi Yajuan; Zhang Meng; Zhang Yueqing; Juergens Monika D.; Jin Xiaowei; , 2017, Which metal represents the greatest risk to freshwater ecosystem in Bohai Region of China?. Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, 3

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Lu Qiong; Juergens Monika D.; Johnson Andrew C.; Graf Carola; Sweetman Andy; Crosse John; Whitehead Paul; , 2017, Persistent organic pollutants in sediment and fish in the River Thames catchment (UK). Science of the Total Environment, 576, 78-84

Wang Pei; Lu Yonglong; Wang Tieyu; Zhu Zhaoyun; Li Qifeng; Meng Jing; Su Hongqiao; Johnson Andrew C.; Sweetman Andrew J.; , 2016, Coupled production and emission of short chain perfluoroalkyl acids from a fast developing fluorochemical industry: evidence from yearly and seasonal monitoring in Daling river basin, China. Environmental Pollution, 218, 1234-1244

Juergens Monika D.; Crosse John; Hamilton Patrick B.; Johnson Andrew C.; Jones Kevin C.; , 2016, The long shadow of our chemical past – high DDT concentrations in fish near a former agrochemicals factory in England. , 162, 333-344

Nakada Norihide; Hanamoto Seiya; Juergens Monika D.; Johnson Andrew C.; Bowes Michael J.; Tanaka Hiroaki; , 2016, Assessing the population equivalent and performance of wastewater treatment through the ratios of pharmaceuticals and personal care products present in a river basin: application to the River Thames basin, UK. Science of the Total Environment

Su Hongqiao; Lu Yonglong; Wang Pei; Shi Yajuan; Li Qifeng; Zhou Yunqiao; Johnson Andrew C.; , 2016, Perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) in indoor and outdoor dusts around a mega fluorochemical industrial park in China: implications for human exposure. Environment International, 94, 667-673

Shi Yajuan; Wang Ruoshi; Lu Yonglong; Song Shuai; Johnson Andrew C.; Sweetman Andrew; Jones Kevin; , 2016, Regional multi-compartment ecological risk assessment: establishing cadmium pollution risk in the northern Bohai Rim, China. Environment International, 94, 283-291