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Ecosystem Services; Soil; Land Degradation Neutrality; Land use and management change; GIS; R; Model development and implementation; Model integration; Policy support


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Summary of Professional Expertise 

Dr Amy Thomas is an Ecosystem Services Modeller at UK CEH and her interests focus on soil carbon and soil physics, land use change, model linkages and Ecosystem Services modelling. Her work on a range of projects has involved python and R scripting for code development and validation, as well as processing and mapping of numerous national spatial datasets.  She led coordination of “ERAMMP” quick response modelling activities and developed and implemented python toolboxes in GIS to map potential land use change. Her work on the “ERAMMP” Integrated Modelling Platform has included linking land use change scenarios to outcome model data cubes and post-processing outcomes to Ecosystem Services for mapping, valuation and ingestion into a modelling platform. These Ecosystem Services included water quality and WFD status (accounting for hydrological accumulation), GHG emissions (based on agricultural land management), and carbon stocks in soils and vegetation (following LULUCF inventory methods). 

Other work has included:  

• Statistical analysis of Countryside Survey data in R, using GAMMs to assess anthropogenic and natural drivers of changes in soil properties.  

• Data collection, interpretation and processing for the Defra Sustainable Intensification Project, helping to develop the “Dynamic Typology Tool”. 

• Further refinement of this tool to represent data at 1km for Wales 

• Development of python toolboxes to map land use 


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PhD Environmental Science University of East Anglia  2015
MRes Modelling and integrated management of water in the natural environment University of Liverpool 2009
MSc Palaeoanthropology University of Sheffield 2007
BSc Earth Surface Processes University of Leeds 2006

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