Professional summary

Amy Pickard is a biogeochemist who uses field data, laboratory experiments and empirical modelling to derive insights into carbon, nutrient and greenhouse gas cycling in aquatic systems.

She completed her undergraduate masters degree in Geography at the University of Bristol in 2011, focusing her extended research project on the characterisation of organic matter from contrasting subglacial environments. Amy then worked for an environmental consultancy before starting a PhD in 2012 at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Prof Kate Heal where she investigated the lability of peatland derived organic matter in receiving waters. 

After completing her PhD in 2016, Amy moved to the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology where she initially worked in a technical role providing field and laboratory support to a large project concerned with nitrogen cycling. She was then appointed to the position of Aquatic Biogeochemist within the Freshwater Restoration and Sustainability group. Her research has contributed to the development of novel monitoring infrastructure to assess the role of inland waters as emitters of greenhouse gases.

Amy has also worked closely in partnership with the UK water industry to understand the effects of catchment land use on water quality, and in recognition of this in 2021 she was appointed as a Research Leader Fellow within the Hydro Nation Chair research programme, where she works with Scottish Water to deliver on their net zero and beyond strategy.  

Selected publications