Professional summary

Amulya Chevuturi is a Hydrological Data Scientist at UKCEH, Wallingford with expertise in understanding global precipitation and its variability under current and future climate, evaluating model forecast skill and uncertainty, investigating rainfall related hazards (floods and droughts). She is currently an active contributor to several significant projects at UKCEH, including work on UK rainfall datasets (Hydro-JULES), global hydrological forecast integration (HydroSOS), and research related to UK droughts (CANARI).

Prior to her current role, she served as a post-doctoral Research Associate at NCAS, University of Reading, where she was extensively involved in diverse projects, with a primary focus on forecasting floods and droughts, monsoon dynamics and onset, tropical precipitation predictions, the spatial and temporal variations of precipitation, the hydrological cycle, and climate change impacts. During her PhD studies, she conducted simulations and analyses of extreme precipitation events in India, encompassing phenomena such as western disturbances, cloudbursts, and hailstorms, which can result in secondary consequences like flash floods.

Amulya has an impressive publication record, with 13 first-author peer-reviewed papers, 13 co-author peer-reviewed publications, 2 first-author edited book chapters, and 1 co-author book publication, and has cultivated robust collaborations with scientists from around the world. In addition to her research, she has engaged with the media to disseminate her findings and possesses teaching experience in computing and climate sciences, with a track record of supervising both Master's and Bachelor's student dissertations.

Selected publications