Professional summary

Research Interests

My research includes developing methods for quantifying and monitoring biodiversity and ecosystem services, the impact of land use change, climate change and other drivers of biodiversity loss, identifying and managing conflicts between human activities and the conservation of biodiversity, and the biodiversity science-policy interface.

I coordinated the EKLIPSE project with Juliette Young, an EU H2020 project whose aim was to set up a European support mechanism for evidence-informed decision-making. I also coordinate the ALTER-Net summer schools on biodiversity and ecosystem services held in Peyresq each year: and

I have been involved in over 15 European (EU-funded) projects on biodiversity (see below) and have previously worked on biodiversity in tropical forests. I have also worked on forest pests (including the pine beauty moth and the mahogany shoot borer), agricultural pests and coypu (Myocaster coypus), the invasive rodent.

Major projects:

EKLIPSE,  Knowledge and Learning Mechanism on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (EU H2020, project co-coordinator, 2016-)

SPIRAL, Science-Policy Interfaces for Biodiversity: Research, Action, and Learning, EU FP7 (EU FP7, project co-coordinator, 2010-14)

KNEU, Developing a Knowledge Network for European expertise on biodiversity and ecosystem services to inform policy making and economic sectors EU FP7 (2010-2015)

ALTER-Net, A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network, EU FP6 Network of Excellence (initially funded under EU FP6)

BioAssess – developing tools for assessing biodiversity and quantifying the impact of land use change on biodiversity in Europe (EU FP5, deputy project coordinator)

BIOFORUM – a forum for scientists and stakeholders concerned about conflicts between the conservation of biodiversity and human activities (EU FP5, project coordinator)


PhD, University of East Anglia 
BSc, University of Glasgow 

Panels, committees and memberships

Royal Entomological Society (Honorary Fellow): Vice-President 1996-8 and Council member, 1995-8, 2016- 
British Ecological Society