Professional summary

Research Interests

My main area of research is the development and application of continuous simulation rainfall-runoff models, both catchment-based and national gridded models, to simulate river flows across Britain. I am especially interested in the use of such hydrological models to investigate the potential impacts of climate change on river flows (floods and droughts), in combination with data from regional climate models.

Brief CV

Sep 06 to date: Senior Scientific Officer (Band 5), UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology:
• Developing use of climate model ensembles for hydrological impact assessment.
• Use of transient climate model data in temporal impact assessments.
• Regionalisation of climate change impacts on flood flows.
• Investigating the estimation of potential evaporation from climate model data.
• Project- and line-management responsibilities.
• Development and submission of project proposals.

Nov 01–Aug 06 (and Mar–Sep 00): Higher Scientific Officer (Band 6), Centre for Ecology & Hydrology:
• Flood frequency estimation using continuous simulation.
• Spatial generalisation of rainfall-runoff models for flood frequency estimation.
• Impacts of climate change on flood flows, using catchment- and grid-based models.
• Direct use of Regional Climate Model data for flood frequency estimation.
• Quantification and propagation of uncertainty (from calibration, generalisation, climate change scenarios etc.) in flood frequency estimation.
• Inclusion of natural variability in flood frequency estimation.

Oct 00–Oct 01: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Reading:
• Studying the existence and form of travelling waves for a coupled reaction-diffusion equation, modelling a chemical reaction with fractional order autocatalysis and decay.


  • PhD in Mathematics, University of Warwick, 1999
  • MSc in Interdisciplinary Mathematics (Distinction), University of Warwick, 1996
  • BSc (Hons) in Applied Mathematics (1st class), University of Warwick, 1995