Professional summary

Research Interests

I am an environmental modeller who specialises in geospatial analysis.

At CEH I use Earth Observation data for land use analysis to feed into ecosystem service models, and I model ecosystem services at both a landscape and plot scale allowing us to:

  • Quantify the change in ecosystem services resulting from different land use scenarios
  • Analyse socio-economic impacts of changes in ecosystems services
  • Develope new methods to model and analyse ecosystem services

I work on a wide range of ecosystem service related projects, and currently I am involved in investigating ecosystem services and socio-economic impacts of agroforestry in Indonesia as part of the SUNRISE project, impact on water quality resulting from land use changes in Belize, and understanding the services provided by cockles in the Atlantic area.


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Online tools:

CEH & eftec (2019). ‘Pollution removal by vegetation’ On-line tool to assess the health benefits of trees in removing PM2.5