Professional summary

Ali obtained a BSc in Meteorology from the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, in 2004. She then moved to the University of Surrey for her PhD with Ian Roulstone. Ali investigated the effect of nonlinearity on the variational assimilation of satellite observations using a simple column model.

In 2009, Ali returned to the Department of Meteorology as a Post Doc working with Prof Stephen Belcher. Ali’s work into inverse modelling for urban dispersion also involved running wind tunnel experiments with Prof Alan Robins at the University of Surrey. In 2011, Ali worked as a Post Doc for Ross Bannister and Stefano Migliorini investigating the representation of model error in a convective-scale ensemble prediction system. In 2012, Ali worked with Prof Mike Lockwood on the University of Reading’s REF submission.

In 2013, Ali moved to UKCEH to work as a Hydrological Modeller. She used continuous simulation rainfall-runoff modelling techniques for seasonal forecasting of river flows, modelling droughts and low flows, and exploring the potential impact of climate change on river flows and surface water flooding.

Since 2022 Ali has been the Science Area Coordinator (SAC) for the Water Resources Science Area and a Project Manager on the Floods and Droughts Research Infrastructure (FDRI). Ali manages the Digital and Capacity Building work packages with Matt Fry and Gemma Coxon (University of Bristol). As SAC Ali supports the Science Area Head (Gwyn Rees) and the Management Team in coordinating the research activities of the Science Area.

Selected publications