Professional summary

Research Interests

I am an environmental ecologist/biogeochemist with a background in climate change effects, forest ecology, pollution effects and analytical chemistry. Across a decade of my academic career, I have worked in a range of geographical regions and ecosystem types in the US, India and now the UK.

My current role at UKCEH focuses on monitoring and understanding the effects of nitrogen deposition in various chemical and physical forms on woodland and peatland vegetation and soils. The geographical extent of my work extends to Scotland and Sri Lanka as a part of the South Asian Nitrogen Hub. My overarching research interests include:

  • Exploring the impacts of anthropogenic disturbances such as air pollution, often coupled with climate change, on ecological systems through targeted research.
  • Integrating field biogeochemical measurements with modeling approaches to improve the understanding and projection of disturbance effects.
  • Monitoring ecosystem-scale H2O, CO2, NH3 gas fluxes.
  • Understanding climate change and pollution effects on primary productivity using techniques such as dendrochronology, eddy covariance and DNDC models.
  • Monitoring hydrologic changes along the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum amid extreme hydroclimatic scenarios.
  • Measuring concurrent changes in nitrogen deposition chemistry and understanding how the transition from oxidized to reduced nitrogen pollution affects ecosystems, water resources and air quality.    


PhD (Ecosystem Science and Management), Texas A&M University, USA - 2020

MSc (Environmental Science), MS University, India - 2015

BSc (Chemistry), Gujarat University, India - 2013

Work experience

2016-2020: Graduate Research Assistant, Texas A&M University

2019-2020: Program Coordinator, Texas A&M NSF Costa Rica Research Experience for Undergraduates

2017-2019: Graduate Teaching Assistant. Texas A&M University

2015-2016: Research Intern, MS University, Baroda, India

Panels, committees and memberships

American Geophysical Union

Web tools and apps

R Programming


DNDC modelling


MS Office


Mills Scholarship, Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas A&M University (January 2017)

James M. Carder Graduate Assistantship, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, Texas A&M University (September 2016)

Harry Wayne Springfield Graduate Merit Fellowship, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, Texas A&M University (September 2019)

Work-related training

LI-COR Soil Gas Flux Workshop, Texas A&M University (May 2019)

TAMU-CONACyT Coastal Processes Workshop, Texas A&M University (February 2019)

Phys-fest 2 Ecophysiology Workshop, Holden Arboretum, Cleveland, Ohio (July 2018)

LI-COR Photosynthesis Workshop, Texas A&M University (February 2018)

TAMU Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Open Source for Open Science Summer Workshop on R Programing (August 2016)