Monitoring and understanding pathogens and organic pollutants in freshwater

Working in the lab

We work to improve understanding of the diversity, dynamics and activities of microorganisms in natural and polluted freshwaters. Our freshwater microbial ecology combines traditional approaches with modern methods such as DNA-based molecular detection and characterisation by quantitative PCR and high throughput sequencing.

Our expertise in freshwater microbial ecology encompasses: microbial activities and biogeochemical cycling in freshwaters and soil; understanding the impact of pollution sources on microbial processes; the potential for natural attenuation of polluted environments; and the environmental diversity of bacterial pathogens and their potential for survival in freshwater.

UKCEH are leading a project for UKWIR to investigate the behaviour of indicators of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in sewage treatment works to better understand the potential role that different inputs and treatment configurations play in the dissemination of AMR to the environment.