Personal data

This section of the privacy notice provides information on: the purpose of the data processing;the lawful basis for the processing; further information where the lawful basis is legitimateinterests for the processing; the categories of personal data obtained (if the personal data isnot obtained from the individual it relates to).

Job applicants' personal data

a. Purpose of the processing: As a job applicant for a role with UKCEH (UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology) your data is processed in order for you to be considered for employment.

The lawful basis for the processing personal data: For the performance of a contract with UKCEH

In addition to the personal data provided by you in some instances there may be some categories of personal data that are not obtained from you personally this may include information received such as:

  • Information from recruitment agencies where relevant: which may include an agency candidate summary
  • Information from pre-employment checks:
    • Employment references
    • DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)
    • Pre-employment checks
    • Occupational Health Fit for Work Clearance

The recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data:

  • Workday
  • Job Boards advertising UKCEH vacancies
  • Agenda for pre-employment screening purposes
  • Sugarman OH (Occupational Health) Services
  • Aviva for pension purposes
  • TrustID for Identification Verification

b. The lawful basis for the processing: UKCEH complies with its legal obligations.

Purpose of the processing: UKCEH processes and shares data to comply with statutory requirements including:

  • Right to Work checks: passport
  • Identity checks: personal identity documents
  • DBS: for safeguarding checks
  • Tax & NI information

UKCEH satisfy condition (b) for processing special category data under Article 9 (2) of the European General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679. Condition (b) states processing is necessary for the purposes of carrying out the obligations and exercising specific rights of the controller or of the data subject in the field of employment and social security and social protection law.

c. The lawful basis for the processing: Necessary for the legitimate interests of UKCEH

Purpose of the processing: Business needs are met to enable management and delivery of services.

The legitimate interests for the processing: are based on financial viability of funding available and analysis of the employee headcount and costs. Forecasting resource requirements over projected timescales for work.

Personal data processed for legitimate interests includes:

  • OH Report recommendations
  • Promotion applications
  • Skills matching processes
  • Job applications

The recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data:

  • Sugarman OH Service Providers: for all UKCEH sites.

Data Retention for applicants that were unsuccessful

All unsuccessful job applicant data will normally be deleted from UKCEH systems within six months. However, in some cases, we are obliged to retain this data beyond six months for legal or statutory requirements.