The issue

Water is a resource on which all life depends. Yet, across the planet, 30 per cent of people do not have access to reliable supplies of clean water. Efficient management of water is critical to addressing the competing demands of industry, agriculture and energy production while sustaining flows and quality for natural ecosystems, particularly as demand is further compounded by population growth, land-use and climate change.

Our role

Our research integrates ecology and hydrology in the evaluation of water availability and demand. We seek to understand the complex interactions that affect the availability and quality of water resources now and into the future, from local to global scales.

Our commitment

  • To advance our understanding of catchments, rivers, wetlands and lakes by integrating technical innovations for near real-time large-scale monitoring and reporting.
  • To develop our Hydrological Summary and Outlook through model improvement, providing information for improved water management across all sectors.
  • To support the restoration of over-exploited freshwater resources and ecosystems, underpinning social and economic development for local communities.