The issue

Population growth, changing diets and urbanisation are driving an ever-increasing intensification of agriculture and land-use change. In the UK alone 70 per cent of the land is farmed. Meeting the need for increased food production and nutrition, without degrading our environment, is one of the greatest challenges facing society today.

We work with farmers to monitor the impact of agriculture on the environment, understand the limitations of food production issues and develop new sustainable farming systems.

Our role

Our research makes a major contribution to the development of sustainable, productive farming systems that are resilient to climate change and protect biodiversity. Our work in this area focuses on maintaining and enhancing healthy soils, clean water, pollination and natural pest control.

Our commitments

  • To work with the farming industry to test innovative, regenerative agricultural systems that are productive and resilient to future environmental shocks.
  • To provide tools and data for planning future land use that optimise benefits to food production while minimising conflicts with provision of other ecosystem services.
  • To provide the evidence-base for the design of resilient environmental and management policies and practices, nationally and internationally.