The issue

Floods and droughts have the potential for immense destruction of homes, crops, wildlife and infrastructures. Since 2017, water crises and extreme weather events have been consistently identified in the World Economic Forum's top five global risks by impact. The need to better predict these extreme events has never been more pressing.

Our role

Combining expertise in hydro-meteorology with data derived from national monitoring networks, we measure and model water to accurately predict, mitigate and manage the impacts of floods and droughts. We work in partnership across the world to build local capacity in water resource monitoring, analysis and modelling, supporting planning, response and recovery. Modelling is key where data are sparse.

Our commitment

  • To better predict and evaluate the risks and impacts of floods and drought.
  • To improve models in support of hydrological research and thereby underpin a range of climate and meteorological projections and forecasts.
  • To predict hydrological conditions over near and decadal timescales in order to mitigate and reduce the economic and social impacts of extreme weather events.

Our research