Our research

We measure and model change in the structure, function and quality of our soil and land so we can better develop solutions to conserve and enhance these valuable natural assets.

From croplands to deserts, from peatlands to rainforests, and from tundra to tropics, we explore the impacts of climate and land management so we can develop more sustainable management of soil and land for future generations.

World-class science and innovation

  • Exploitation and integration of technologies and modelling to assess the role of land use and climate change on soils, habitats and their interaction over time and space from local to national and global scales. To capture these changes exploiting the natural capital approach to understand the impact on social and economic benefits.
  • Providing better understanding of the role of microbial diversity in underpinning soil functions, specifically the formation and persistence of soil carbon, and developing a new modular soil carbon model to support future land use decisions.
  • To quantify the long term turnover and transport of carbon from organic soils, including transfers to atmosphere and oceans and impacts on water quality and explore more sustainable management options.
  • To develop an integrated approach to the assessment of risk and opportunities to improve the sustainable management of coastal habitats to better integrate our land-sea capabilities.
  • To develop whole system approaches to bioenergy systems in the UK and abroad considering social, economic, environmental and technological constraints.

Mixed soil and land use showing woodland, grassland and arable

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Detail from Land Cover plus Crops Map 2015 showing crop types
Digital mapping of arable cropping on an annual basis
2 surveyors on the GMEP monitoring project
Gwerthuso cynllun adnoddau a gwasanaethau amgylcheddol mwyaf Cymru
Nick Isaac of CEH presenting at BES2015
British Ecological Society Annual Conference
General view of CEH Bangor Analytical Laboratory
Providing high quality chemistry data to a range of projects
Unearthing ecosystem services: what can we learn from soil DNA?
CEH's Rob Griffiths updates us on his work
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The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology coordinates the five-year, £6.5m Programme
2 surveyors on the GMEP monitoring project
Evaluating Wales' natural resources and the Glastir sustainable land management scheme
riverside vegetation
Managing colour levels in drinking water