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Colloquium in Sciences 2020: Páramos and Rivers, sources of life of Boyacá

The Colloquium on Sciences sponsored by the Banco de la República, is a space for researchers from the Faculty of Sciences of the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia to disseminate their research work to local communities.

For the first semester of 2020, seven conferences were held with the theme “Páramos and rivers -sources of life of Boyacá” where the topics related to the biological and cultural diversity of the moors and other natural systems of the region.

The seventh chapter of September 2, 2020 dealt with the ecological characterization of aquatic ecosystems with glacial influence of the Sierra Nevada de Guicán, El Cocuy and Chita, (Boyacá, Colombia).

This session shows the conflicts in the uses of high mountains, aquatic systems and the need for their conservation, as well as the generation of information for decision-making among the stakeholders in the territory. This work is part of the results obtained within the Agreement 004- of 2017 between National Natural Parks and the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia.