Scientific challenge

At times of flood and drought, water managers need good estimates of current and future rainfall amounts and soil wetness. The Joint Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Research (JCHMR) brought together the research skills of the Met Office and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology to work at the interface of weather and flow forecasting, especially to support flood warning and water resource management.

Project overview

The JCHMR brought Met Office and Centre for Ecology & Hydrology scientists together on one site at Wallingford in Oxfordshire.

Their research produced rainfall monitoring and forecasting models, and improved estimates of soil wetness.

They incorporated models of 

  • Catchment response to rain and snow,
  • Routing of flow down river channels,
  • Interaction of tide, surge and river flood in estuaries.

JCHMR researchers also looked to quantify forecast uncertainty as an aid to storm and flood warning.


The JCHMR produced regular reports of its activities, including research on climate and land surface prediction, from February 2003 to October 2009:


A list of scientific publications by year can be viewed here: 


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