Imagine a future where nature is thriving...

What do you see, and how do we get there? 

Models that predict future biodiversity trajectories are powerful tools for exploring the consequences of long-term environmental change. We can use these models to consider the outcomes for biodiversity under different socioeconomic and environmental scenarios, and help guide future policy decisions for nature's recovery. 

Such models are currently being developed around the world for use by policy makers and practitioners, but there is still a need for a modelling framework to predict biodiversity pathways and inform management decisions in the UK.

About the project

In this project, we are building the foundations of a modelling framework capable of producing both near term forecasts of biodiversity change under target-seeking scenarios and long-term exploratory forecasts.

The project involves extensive engagement with academic partners, UK nature and conservation agencies, and NGOs, to shape choices on which drivers of change should be included in the framework, and how future socioeconomic and environmental scenarios should be developed for the UK.

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Biodiversity models can play an important role in mapping paths toward a sustainable future for all

      - Nick Isaac


Get involved!

  • How do you imagine a thriving, nature-positive future will unfold in the UK?
  • How should we prioritise different nature conservation actions for biodiversity? 
  • What might help - or hinder - the delivery of these actions?
  • Which threats to biodiversity recovery in the UK should we include in our models?

We need practitioners, academics, NGOs and other civil society groups to help us to answer these questions and develop our project.

Please click here to tell us how you would like to be involved: by attending workshops, developing collaborative spin-off projects or just joining our mailing list to stay informed. 

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