China’s increasingly urbanised and wealthy population is driving a growing and changing demand for food which might not be met without significant increase in agricultural productivity coupled with sustainable use of natural resources. Additionally, the Chinese government has asserted an ambition of achieving an "ecological civilisation" (by adhering to green development concepts as a goal for China in President Xi Jinping's report to the 19th Party Congress 2017) to achieve environmental sustainability. The drive towards an "ecological civilisation" demands integrated research and policy development and implementation.

For many years we at UKCEH, with partner organisations, have been developing linkages with Chinese partners – through engagement, demonstrating scientific rigour and establishing trust. In developing these relationships, activities have focused on capacity building and include supporting exchanges of people between China and the UK, coordinating events to bring UK and Chinese scientists together with some of China’s policymakers, training, and knowledge transfer.


We have ten active signed formal Memoranda of Understanding with Chinese partners, and established connections with many other Chinese institutes:


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