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British woodlands suffering biodiversity loss

Research published today shows that 21st century British woodlands are less distinctive than those of the early 20th century. Native woodland plants...


Changes in the Welsh countryside over the last 30 years: Results published

The results of the most comprehensive survey of the Welsh countryside and its natural resources are published today in a report by the Countryside...


First biological recording mobile phone portal launched

From today ladybird recorders will be able to send in records via their mobile phones as part of a new partnership between the Centre for Ecology...


Crickets and grasshoppers march to the tune of climate change

The rapid spread of some species of grasshoppers and crickets through Britain is proving a valuable indicator of climate change, research from the...


Invasive harlequin ladybird could threaten 'over 1000' native species

Scientists presenting at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition in London have today (30 June) warned that the invasive harlequin ladybird is likely to...


Results of biggest ever Scottish countryside survey published

The results of the biggest and most comprehensive survey of Scotland’s countryside and its natural resources have been unveiled in a new report from...


European climate change reports launched

Two new reports examining climate change adaptation and policy-making across Europe have been launched at an event in Brussels. Speakers included...


Britain celebrates Large Blue butterfly conservation success story

Sir David Attenborough was among those attending a special event in Somerset on 16 June to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reintroduction of...


Paper highlights remarkable efforts to save butterfly from extinction

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Large Blue butterfly's reintroduction to Britain, ecologists are for the first time publishing the...


Feature: On a wing and a prayer

Twenty-five years ago this June, Large Blue butterflies flew again in England after becoming extinct in 1979. Professor Jeremy Thomas, whose...