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The latest science and stories from the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology


Celebrations at Oxford's woodland 'ecological laboratory'

Ecologists from the Centre of Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) and other research institutions are gathering today (29th April 2010) at Wytham Woods to...


Hot, dry and different

Australian deserts are diversity-hotspots for lizards, according to research by Gary Powney and colleagues. Powney, who is a PhD student based...


News in brief - April 2010

Grazers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions - 8 April 2010 Livestock may reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide from semi-arid, cool...


Sewage to blame for phosphorus river pollution

Phosphorus pollution from sewage, rather than in agricultural fertilisers, is the main culprit for polluting English rivers, according to long-term...


Scientists call on the public to help monitor invasive species

The new Recording Invasive Species Counts (RISC) project will encourage members of the public to record sightings of six invasive non-native plants...


Nature and Biodiversity News & Views website

Nature and Biodiversity News & Views aims to help raise public awareness of issues relating to biodiversity and the natural world. The website...


Fears grow for some of Britain's rarest butterflies

Five of Britain's rarest butterflies face a growing risk of extinction, according to analysis of new figures for butterfly sightings in 2009. The...


CEH scientists to play key role in first National Ecosystem Assessment

Early in 2011 the first UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) will be published, providing new information on the changing natural environment in...


Will earlier springs throw nature out of step? Q & A with lead author Stephen Thackeray - 9 February 2010

An assessment of long-term changes in the seasonal timing of biological events across marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments in the UK shows...


Will earlier springs throw nature out of step?

The recent trend towards earlier UK springs and summers has been accelerating, according to a study published today (9 February 2010) in the...