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The latest science and stories from the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology


CEH scientists highlight hydrochloric acid as overlooked driver of environmental change

Hydrochloric acid in the atmosphere, released mainly through coal burning, may have been a much bigger driver of pollution and damage to the...


CEH scientists team up with UK-US consortium to study the consequences of nanotechnology

Scientists from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) are to join a UK-US consortium that will investigate the environmental and human health...


Loch Flemington public meeting a great success

Scientists from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) recently led a public meeting to discuss lake management issues with the Loch Flemington...


New monthly Hydrological summary published, for December 2010 - A truly remarkable month in climatic terms

December was a truly remarkable month in climatic terms: the coldest December on record for the UK (by a consider­able margin). For Scotland, it was...


Kittiwakes’ trans-Atlantic winter odyssey linked to breeding success

One of Britain's best known seabirds winters on opposite sides of the Atlantic depending on whether its breeding attempt has been successful,...


2010 Review of the CEH year

As 2010 draws to a close we take a look back at the wide range of research undertaken by CEH scientists over the last twelve months, all of which...


New UK Monthly Hydrological Summary published, for November 2010

In meteorological terms, November was a month of remarkable contrasts. The first three weeks were mild and characterised by the passage of frontal...


New start-up company to develop novel medicines

IXO Therapeutics Ltd, a new biotechnology company formed to research and develop novel medicines from natural sources for the treatment of immune-...


Nitrogen and Global Change: Major international science conference to take place in Edinburgh in April 2011

The first European Nitrogen Assessment will be launched in April 2011 at a major international science event in Edinburgh, UK bringing together...


The challenges of a world warmed by two or four degrees

Leading scientists have contributed to a series of research papers about the impacts of global warming to coincide with the opening of the Climate...