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Protecting ecosystems bring benefits to society

A synthesis report for policy makers A project set up by PEER, the Partnership for European Environmental Research, to examine some of the knowledge...


Soils close to saturation - August 2012 Hydrological Summary

August was another rather wet and relatively dull month contributing to the wettest summer since 1912. The extreme departures from normal seasonal...


Parched soils trigger more storms

Afternoon storms are more likely to develop when soils are parched, according to a new study published this week in Nature which examined...


Major update to Europe's alien species catalogue

The key catalogue of information on alien (non-native) species in Europe has undergone a major update. The DAISIE (Delivering Alien Invasive Species...


Loss of tropical forests reduces rainfall over large areas

Deforestation can have a significant effect on tropical rainfall, new research confirms. The findings, published in the journal Nature , have...


UK scientists start £2.5 million global lake surveillance research project

A consortium of scientists from six UK universities and research institutes has been awarded a £2.5 million grant to create the world’s first...


Nationwide mission under way to see if blue tits can help save our conker trees

Blue tits, a familiar garden bird, could be the salvation of our imperilled conker trees, which are under severe attack by a tiny non-native moth...


Dr Matthew Heard appointed to Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment

Dr Matthew Heard from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology has been appointed to the UK Government’s Advisory Committee on Releases to the...


The Plynlimon Catchments - an open air laboratory

The Plynlimon catchments in central Wales are among the most important intensively studied long-term research basins in the UK. Managed by the Centre...


Water resources healthy in most of UK - July 2012 Hydrological Summary

The seasonally unusual southerly track of the jet stream persisted through the first three weeks of July 2012, bringing to the UK more of the...