Welcome to Nature Up Close and Personal: A Wellbeing Experiment

In the summer of 2020 (17th July to 25th August) we invited people to take part and discover how different nature-based activities impact our wellbeing. The activities took about 10 minutes daily for a week.

During this period of lockdown and social isolation, many of us have learned (or re-discovered) how important nature is to our happiness and wellbeing. Maybe we are noticing nature more in gardens and parks, the countryside, or simply looking from our windows. Engaging with nature will remain valuable, even as lockdown restrictions are eased. 

But what we don’t know is how different types of nature activities affect us differently. And that’s where we needed your help: over 1700 people signed up to take part in Nature Up Close and Personal. 

So, whether you’re a nature nerd or nature usually passes you by – this was for you. We’ll gave simple activities – spending 10 minutes or so each day, for five days over the course of a week - to experience nature up close and personal, and we asked you to take part in short surveys about your experiences.  

Together we are discovering how our wellbeing is affected noticing nature up close and personal.  


We need your help to discover how our wellbeing is affected by engaging with nature. Take part in our new research project 'Nature Up Close and Personal: a wellbeing experiment'.