Professional summary

Research Interests

My study has been the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from vegetation, soil and other natural sources, and their contribution to atmospheric chemistry and air quality.

I am interested in the physiological, ecological and environmental controlling factors of emissions, and interactions between climate change variables and regional VOC emission estimates.

I have also collaborated with soil microbiologists to investigate the role of biogenic VOCs as co-metabolites for persistent pollutants in soils, and I am interested in taking this further.

I have been part of the Data Management team for the ECLAIRE Integrated Project, keeping a broad overview of data management activities associated with the field and experimental measurements, and modelling and up-scaling. As a Data Centre Manager I have taken a leading role in development, use and maintenance of the database for field and laboratory data. 

I have been investigating leaf-level exchange of CO2 and biogenic VOCs from peatland vegetation at Whim Bog, and the canopy scale flux of isoprene and other VOCs using REA, which contributes to ECLAIRE component 3.

Brief CV


21 years of research experience in plant volatile isoprenoids, previously at the Institute of Environmental and Natural Sciences, Lancaster University, the Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and CEH Edinburgh.
Organised and participated in field work in eight European countries, and in Hawaii, Colorado, Botswana, China and Borneo (including participation in OP3).
More than 50 publications in high impact journals. World-wide contacts and collaborators. Success in attracting research funding. H-index=21.
A wide range of research, managerial, communications, computing and modelling skills in the fields of atmospheric chemistry, plant physiology and ecology.
Technical expertise and experience with GC-MS. Some experience of Fortran programming in a Lagrangian model for chemistry and transport of pollutants in the atmosphere. Some experience with GIS, R and FME.
Experience of supervising students and small research teams, and organising and executing field-work in the UK and abroad in European and tropical locations.

Previous positions

2004-2007: Marie Curie Training Network Research Fellow, CREAF, Barcelona, Spain, with Professor Josep Penuelas.
2001-2004: Research Fellow, Lancaster University, UK. Quantifying natural volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from a variety of tropical forest canopies in Borneo, and investigating environmental controls for these fluxes.

1999-2001: Postdoctoral Research Associate Lancaster University, UK, with Professor Nick Hewitt.

Publications pre-CEH

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PhD Lancaster University 1998