Mr. Richard J Williams

Selected Publications


Hamilton, Patrick B.; Nicol, Elizabeth; De-Bastos, Eliane S.R.; Williams, Richard J.; Sumpter, John P.; Jobling, Susan; Stevens, Jamie R.; Tyler, Charles R., 2014, Populations of a cyprinid fish are self-sustaining despite widespread feminization of males. BMC Biology, 12

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Green, Christopher; Williams, Richard; Kanda, Rakesh; Churchley, John; He, Ying; Thomas, Shaun; Goonan, Peter; Kumar, Anu; Jobling, Susan, 2013, Modeling of steroid estrogen contamination in UK and South Australian rivers predicts modest increases in concentrations in the. Environmental Science & Technology, 47, 7224-7232

Voss, Anja; Alcamo, Joseph; Barlund, Ilona; Voss, Frank; Kynast, Ellen; Williams, Richard; Malve, Olli, 2012, Continental scale modelling of in-stream river water quality: a report on methodology, test runs, and scenario application. Hydrological Processes, 26, 2370-2384

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Williams, Richard J.; Churchley, John H.; Kanda, Rakesh; Johnson, Andrew C., 2012, Comparing predicted against measured steroid estrogen concentrations and the associated risk in two United Kingdom river catchm. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 31, 892-898

Anderson, Paul D.; Johnson, Andrew C.; Pfeiffer, Danielle; Caldwell, Daniel J.; Hannah, Robert; Mastrocco, Frank; Sumpter, John P.; Williams, Richard J., 2012, Endocrine disruption due to estrogens derived from humans predicted to be low in the majority of U.S. surface waters. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 31, 1407-1415

Williams, Richard; Keller, Virginie; Voss, Anja; Barlund, Ilona; Malve, Olli; Riihimaki, Juha; Tattari, Sirkka; Alcamo, Joseph, 2012, Assessment of current water pollution loads in Europe: estimation of gridded loads for use in global water quality models. Hydrological Processes, 26, 2395-2410

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Green, Christopher; Williams, Richard; He, Ying; Thomas, Shaun; Dinesh, Nirmala; Kanda, Rakesh; Churchley, John; Kumar, Anu; Jobling, Susan, 2012, Predictive modelling of steroid oestrogens in sewage effluent and rivers demonstrates the potential for endocrine disruptive ef. In: 6th SETAC World Congress, Berlin, 20-24 May 2012

Boxall, Alistair B.A.; Monteiro, Sara C.; Fussell, Richard; Williams, Richard J.; Bruemer, Janine; Greenwood, Richard; Bersuder, Phillipe, 2012, Targeted monitoring for human pharmaceuticals in vulnerable source and final waters.

Pottinger, Tom G.; Henrys, Peter A.; Williams, Richard J.; Matthiessen, Peter, 2012, Chemical exposure and stress responses in UK fish.

Voss, Anja; Barlund, Ilona; Punzet, Manuel; Williams, Richard; Kynast, Ellen; Malve, Olli; Voss, Frank, 2012. Effect of changing anthropogenic and climate conditions on BOD loading and in-stream water quality in Europe. In: Bogardi, Janos J.; Leentvaar, Jan; Nachtnebel, Hans-Peter, (eds.) , River basins and change. GWSP International Project Office, 116-121. .