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MAVIS is a program that analyses vegetation data using different types of classification systems. These include the Countryside Vegetation System (CVS) and classifications used by the Countryside Survey 2000. MAVIS also includes classification programmes for the National Vegetation Classification (NVC).

MAVIS is now upgraded for Windows 8.

What does MAVIS do?

MAVIS brings all the varied classification systems together in one place. Ecologists, vegetation scientists and nature reserve managers all have their own systems, and MAVIS produces a description of the entered species data in terms of each classification. This means MAVIS can express many different sorts of plant community in the same standard language, allowing for comparisons across sites and scales. 

The classification systems available are as follows:

  • Ellenberg scores for light, fertility, wetness and pH.
  • Preston and Hill's (1997) classification of the British Flora into biogeographic elements.
  • Grime's (1979) triangular CSR model classifying British vegetation in terms of three established strategies: competitors, stress-tolerators and ruderal species.
  • The wider countryside classification of ITE Countryside Survey data for 1978 and 1990 known as the Countryside Vegetation System (CVS).
  • The National Vegetation Classification (NVC) developed at the Unit of Vegetation Science, Lancaster University.

The program accepts data in the form of single species lists, with or without abundance codes. It also handles frequency (sometimes called constancy) tables. These are species lists in which each taxon is coded in terms of its frequency of occurrence within a group of individual samples.

Download MAVIS - now upgraded for Windows 8

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User guidance is available with the download or a PDF version can be downloaded below.

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Further details

MAVIS was written by DART Computing and designed by Simon Smart at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.