Our world-class research and extensive long-term monitoring isn't carried out in isolation. We help to integrate the terrestrial and freshwater sciences communities and increase the impact of our research by working with businesses, policy-makers and environmental practitioners through co-design, co-delivery, co-location and commercialisation.

Case studies

To view and download specific examples of our work, please see our case studies page

Examples of working with partner organisations

Long-term monitoring and data collection

Most of our work in long-term environmental monitoring is carried out in collaboration with a wide range of partners, and a number of our monitoring sites are European Commission Infrastructure recognised sites.

  • Some of our field sites are available to the research community to use in collaborative projects. Contact the relevant site manager for further information.
  • We also work on sites managed by others, such as the Invereshie and Inshriach NNR.

Involving members of the public in environmental monitoring is a highly effective way of increasing understanding of and commitment to key environmental issues. Some activities tap into the enthusiasm of existing interest groups, which enables our experts in the Biological Records Centre to collate and analyse trends from citizen science.

Such evidence can inform and validate policies to enhance and protect the environment while supporting the farming food production chain and ensuring society is directly involved.

Work with us

We are always keen to talk to organisations to discuss ideas and potential projects, how our data and knowledge can help solve their problems and how we can work together. We are particularly interested to hear from small to medium Enterprises with specific scientific challenges. 

Contact our Business Development team to discuss your specific needs. When you contact us, please describe the problem or identify the bidding opportunity, what the envisaged benefits are likely to be, and what potential application or impact the solution would have.