Professional summary

Godfred is an applied interdisciplinary researcher and a social scientist with specific interest and expertise in water management and environmental risk governance, digital innovations, sustainability, urban infrastructures and sustainable development. A key strand of his work addresses questions around the socio-technicality, socio-materiality and politics of sustainability transformations, socio-technical transitions, environmental technologies and digital innovations. He also focuses on practical questions of global challenges such as water and environmental risk, climate change adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity, ecological systems and identifying pathways for change and sustainable futures. 

At UKCEH, he co-leads the social science aspects of three interdisciplinary projects. He employs mixed-methods and social science approaches to tackle or understand the complex socio-ecological and socio-technical drivers and systems of water, nature and environmental health risks and challenges. A second objective is to advance science-policy interface and integrative interventions towards sustainable use of biodiversity, natural resources and resilient futures.