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UKCEH has a long history of monitoring, measuring and observing the environment. We also support data collection by others, and manage the data that such activities generate. Much of this data gathering is carried out by volunteers, ranging from species experts to occasional observers. We encourage a broad public participation in science, often called citizen science, and by embracing emerging technologies, we ensure that data collected by citizen scientists are valuable for different purposes.

We have built an evidence base to support best practice, including producing guides on when to use citizen science, running projects, and evaluating citizen science. And we're interested in understanding people's interactions with nature and with data, and how that influences motivations and recording behaviour. Our research also shows that taking part in nature-based citizen science is good for your wellbeing - another great reason to get involved!


Biological Records Centre established


Records to BRC in 2022


National Honey Monitoring Scheme participants


Length of time to complete a flower-insect count for the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme