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Bringing environmental solutions to where they are needed

Businesses depend on and have an impact on the natural environment in a range of ways, from the extraction of raw materials through to the generation of waste. They need to operate sustainably and meet environmental regulatory requirements, as well as understand future environmental risks, constraints and opportunities. 

We acknowledge the complexity of the environmental challenges that your industry faces as well as the urgency in addressing some of those. UKCEH designs and delivers its environmental research in collaboration with business, delivering benefits to whole industries, specific businesses and to society more broadly.

Our researchers work closely with experts from other industries to help to build the resilience of businesses, infrastructure and supply chains to environmental change and hazards. Sign up to our mailing list to receive occasional email updates on our science capabilities and solutions based on the sectors in which you are interested.

Let’s explore the solutions UKCEH can provide to help your organisation tackle its environmental challenges.