Professional summary

The key purpose of Alanna's role is to provide field and laboratory expertise to a wide range of research projects across lakes, rivers, peatlands, estuaries and their catchments. The overriding aim of her work is to assist senior freshwater ecologists and aquatic biogeochemists in delivering world-class scientific evidence to inform the restoration and sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems across the UK and internationally. 

She is currently working on several research projects: BIOPOLE - Biogeochemical processes and ecosystem function in changing polar systems have global impacts (NERC); MERLIN - Mainstreaming Ecological Restoration of freshwater-related ecosystems in a Landscape Context; INovation, upscaling and transformation (EU Horizon 2020); GHG Aqua - Measuring, understanding and mitigation greenhouse gas emissions from UK inland waters (NERC); LOCATE - Land-Ocean CArbon TransfEr (NERC LTSM); UK-SCAPE - Aquatic carbon fluxes at Auchencroth Moss (NERC-CEH); and, UK-SCAPE - Monitoring restoration impacts and environmental conditions at Loch Leven (NERC).