Professional summary

Sam Amy's work focuses on biological recording, supporting botanical recording schemes including the British Bryological Society and the National Plant Monitoring Scheme with data management. She also works on iRecord and the Indicia online recording system, using R to clean and check data, provide summaries and visualisations, and to transform data into the format needed for data mobilisation, improving data accessibility.

Sam's wider research interests include plant ecology, conservation, biodiversity monitoring and the use of citizen science to support these research areas, as well as the benefits that involvement in such activities can bring to individuals and communities.

Selected publications

Amy Sam et al. , (2023), Bryophyte distribution data in iRecord: an introduction to the resource. Field Bryology, 129, 36-46

Pescott Oli et al. , (2023), Considerations for the future of the BBS database. Field Bryology, 129, 47-51

Amy Sam et al. , (2022), Patterns of bryophyte recording in Britain and Ireland since the 2014 Atlas. Field Bryology, 2-11