Professional summary

Susannah Rennie has over 20 years of experience in environmental data management.  She leads the UKCEH Environmental Data Science Group based at Lancaster.  Comprising 32 staff, the group focuses on developing data science pipelines; building digital research infrastructure to support environmental research; and delivery of the Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC), the UK's national data centre for terrestrial and freshwater sciences. 

The main focus of her career has been on developing information management systems for long-term ecological research networks.  Her work has included leading the management of the UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) Data Centre for over 10 years, being responsible for implementing data standards, improving the efficiency of data handling, the development of dynamic data delivery tools and publishing datasets/data papers. She also worked on developing the eLTER information management infrastructure and service portfolio.  This work aimed to establish the informatics infrastructure and services required for eLTER to operate as an EU ESFRI Research Infrastructure delivering European-scale socio-ecological research from long-term ecosystem research sites and socio-ecological research platforms.