Professional summary

Nick Reynard is head of UKCEH's Hydro-climate risks science area which focuses on improving understanding of extreme weather, climate and hydrology and develops new models and analysis to study land-atmosphere interactions. Nick's own research interests focus on environmental impact modelling, with a focus on the development of continuous flow simulation approaches for river flow modelling, in particular application to investigating the implications of environmental (including climate) change, quantification of uncertainty in hydrological modelling under non-stationarity and development of techniques for detecting and attributing trends in environmental datasets.

Nick was a member of the Science and Engineering Panel of the Pitt Review of the summer floods of 2007 and represented CEH in the Government Foresight Initiative on Floods (UK, China and the USA). He received an MSc in Climatology and Applied Meteorology from the University of Birmingham and a degree in Geography from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.