Professional summary

Professor Mike Acreman is a UKCEH Fellow and was formerly a researcher at CEH and its predecessor, the Institute of Hydrology. His early work involved the development of rainfall and runoff models for flood risk assessment. In recent years his research interests have moved to environmental issues and the interface between hydrology and ecology, particularly the water needed to maintain healthy aquatic and wetland ecosystems including rivers and wetlands. He led the definition of UK river requirements to meet the European Water Framework Directive. As leader of the World Bank Environment Flow advisory panel, he has supported the development of environmental flow allocations in Tanzania and China and advised on global programmes. He coordinated the definition of guidelines on environmental flow releases from reservoirs as the UK contribution to the World Commission on Dams.

Prof Acreman's other major research area is the hydrological functions of wetlands. Recent work has included the development of methods to assess the vulnerability of wetlands in the Himalayas and restoration of wetlands through reinstallation of surface topography. As a member of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel of the International Convention on Wetlands responsible for water programme, he has developed guidance for Contracting Parties on groundwater and water quality issues of wetlands.

He is a member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and British Hydrological Society. Prof Acreman obtained his PhD on Estimating flood statistics from basin characteristics in Scotland from the University of St Andrews.