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Molecular Biology, Microbial Ecology, Evolution, Taxonomy, Diversity, Phylogenetics and Systematics

Summary of Professional Expertise

During the course of my time at CEH I have needed to use new techniques and develop protocols for Terminal Restriction Length Fragment Polymorphism, Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis, PCR, Metagenomics, Cloning, Sanger and next generation sequencing and Stable Isotope Probing. Through the projects I been involved with I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with other national and international research groups (Plymouth Marine Labs, Scottish Whiskey Research Institute and Greengenes, Berkley). I have investigated the microbiota within a range of environments including marine and freshwater, soil, Whiskey maturation warehouses and contaminated kland. Most recently I have been looking at the interactions between wild species and their gut microbiota, most specifically the European Shag and the buff tailed bumble bee. I have also played an active role in the set up and maintainance of the Genomics and Molecular Ecology (GAME) facility.

I addition to my role as research assistant I haverecently been awarded my Ph.D looking at Linking community structure, phylogeny and function in marine picoplankton exposed to elevated CO2.

My main interests lie within the fields of Molecular Biology,Microbial Ecology, Evolution, Diversity and Systematics.

Brief CV

Employment History

10/2003 –To date Molecular Microbial ecologist at CEH. Research post investigating microbial soil diversity, involving DNA Extraction, PCR, DGGE, sequencing and Molecular diversity techniques

Work Experience

9/2002-10/2003 M.Sc. Project on the speciation and adaptive radiation of sexual and asexual Rotifers. Laboratory project involving extensive sampling, identification, culturing, molecular systematic and statistical analysis of Rotifers

8/2001-9/2002 Ernest Jacksons and Co. Ltd. Crediton, Laboratory assistant. Quality Control work including Chemical analysis, protocol design and working as part of a laboratory team.

Summer 2000 Royal Society for the protection of birds, Aylesbeare Common. Territory mapping and Ecological investigation of the common’s Nightjar population

Summer 1997 Institute of Grasslands and Environmental Research, North Wyke. Summer Nuffield Bursary Investigating soil Nitrogen concentration in Grass/Clover Swards.


Ph.D. Microbial Community Organisation and Functioning Under Ocean Acidification Conditions Newcastle University 2014

M.Sc., D.I.C Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity Imperial College, London 2003

B.Sc. Hons. First class Biological Science University of Reading 2001

A-Level Psychology Grade B and General Studies Grade B AQA 1998 A-Level Biology Grade B OCEAC 1998 A-Level Chemistry Grade E LEG 1998