Professional summary

Jacky is currently co-leading data integration projects for UKCEH, working with data scientists in the Environmental Data Science group.

Jacky is managing, with JNCC, the Defra funded Systems Level Indicators data integration project that aims to enable Defra to visualise environmental pollution data.

She co-leads, with Michael Tso and Kelly Widdicks, the UKSCAPE Y6 'Exposome' project that aims to develop an integrated data platform. The Exposome will draw together and overlay a range of environmental data to demonstrate the state of the environment in relation to environmental pollution. 

Jacky is an experienced data scientist working in the Environmental Contaminants group at UKCEH Lancaster, with a scientific background in soil ecology, including setting up and running experiments in the lab and field. She has been involved in driving improved data and project management since 2005.

Web tools and apps

Jacky co-leads data integration and visualisation projects that aim to a) connect pollution data with other spatial and temporal data from a variety of sources with a range of formats and b) develop visualisation and analysis tools for different stakeholders to allow users to view data in a answer system level environmental questions.

The data integration projects utilise tools such as DataLabs, Jupyter notebooks and GitHub.

Jacky uses Oracle, JIRA issue management tool, the wiki, Microsoft tools, Zoom and Teams for meetings. Jacky also manages addition of content to Drupal websites.

Selected publications

Chaplow J.S. et al. , Post Chernobyl surveys of radiocaesium in soil, vegetation, wildlife and fungi in Great Britain. NERC-Environmental Information Data Centre .

Kashparov V et al. , Spatial datasets of radionuclide contamination in the Ukrainian Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

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Barnett C.L. et al. , Elemental concentrations in fish from lakes in Northwest England.