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I work mainly by modelling, with recent or ongoing projects on chemical speciation (metal and proton binding by natural organic matter), acidity and metals in catchments, mercury behaviour and toxicity in soils, soil carbon turnover (using radiocarbon data), the transport and fate of soil dissolved organic matter, metal and proton toxicity in the field (using quantile regression), and coupled plant-soil carbon-nitrogen responses to nitrogen deposition.  I have also led field and laboratory research into the properties of dissolved organic matter in surface waters.

I have practical experience of the analytical chemistry of organic matter, metals, acidity and colloids, and fieldwork on freshwaters and soils.

Before joining CEH I worked on metal-ligand complexation, protein-surfactant interactions, and the non-covalent interactions of carcinogens with cellular proteins and membranes.

Brief CV

2013-2018   Leader of NERC Consortium Project “LTLS” (8 Institutions)

2010-2018   Researcher, Band 3

2004-2010       Leader, Chemical Processes Group, CEH Lancaster

1995-2004       Head of the Aquatic Processes Section at IFE / CEH Windermere 

1991-1995  Research into environmental colloids, natural organic matter, dissolved macromolecules, acidity, metals.  Application of basic information to surface waters and soils, via mathematical modelling.

1981-1991       Principal Scientific Officer (FBA/IFE).  Research into the chemistry of iron, manganese, aluminium and humic substances in natural waters and soils, emphasizing colloid and surface chemistry.  Application to pollution by acid rain, radionuclides.

1978-1981       Senior Scientific Officer (FBA).  Research into the surface chemistry of ferric oxides in natural waters in relation to the geochemical cycling of iron.

1973-1978       Research Associate, Courtauld Institute of Biochemistry, Middlesex Hospital Medical School.  Research into the non-covalent interactions of carcinogens with cellular proteins and membranes.

1970-1973       Postgraduate student, Department of Chemistry, University of Manchester.  Research into the microcalorimetry of metal-ligand and protein-surfactant complexes.


BSc / MSc / PhD / DSc / MRSC / CChem

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