Professional summary

Annette is a wetland biogeochemist researching effects of climate and land-use change on carbon storage and pathways in saltmarsh and peatlands, with a particular focus on restoration of habitat and GHG emissions. She has 15 years’ experience of leading projects and publishing work – focusing on field experimentation, long-term, and national scale monitoring – to provide the robust evidence grade data needed to quantify relationships between ecosystem function and potential climate change mitigation from pristine, degraded and restored habitats.

Annette leads Blue Carbon research for UKCEH, including leading a consortium developing the UK Saltmarsh Code (nine organisations including scientific, conservation delivery, and investment finance experts across the charity, finance, and academic sectors). She also advises UK Government on how to recognise the climate change mitigation potential of coastal habitats – through the potential inclusion in the UK GHG Inventory (GHGI) – developing the scientific knowledge base through primary research projects.

Selected publications