Cameraria orhidella, horse-chestnut leaf-miner moth
Citizen scientists asked to help track spread
17th Sep 2015
Loch Leven and Castle Island, photo by Laurence Carvalho
Loch Leven work highlights importance of early adaptation measures
21st Aug 2015
Isle of May shag and chicks in their nest
Contrasting responses of male and female foraging effort in Isle of May study
19th Aug 2015
July 2015 river flows in the UK
July 2015 hydrological summary for the UK
17th Aug 2015
Widespread drought-sensitive butterfly population extinctions could occur in the UK as early as 2050
10th Aug 2015
Lumbricus terrestris earthworms up close
Secrets of the earthworm stomach
6th Aug 2015
Large Marsh Grasshopper - illustration by Denys Ovenden
Contribute to the Grasshopper Recording Scheme
6th Aug 2015
Rebecca Evans, Bridget Emmett and Bernard Llewellyn at the Royal Welsh Show
Launch of new data portal
27th Jul 2015
Bees and ants to flourish while the cuckoo flounders
22nd Jul 2015
River flow map from June 2015 hydrological summary
June 2015 hydrological summary
15th Jul 2015
New growth in soil
CEH scientists collaborate on £1.6m soil security project
1st Jul 2015
Part of the May 2015 river flows map from the UK hydrological summary
May 2015 hydrological summary for the UK
17th Jun 2015