River flow map from June 2015 hydrological summary
June 2015 hydrological summary
15th Jul 2015
New growth in soil
CEH scientists collaborate on £1.6m soil security project
1st Jul 2015
Part of the May 2015 river flows map from the UK hydrological summary
May 2015 hydrological summary for the UK
17th Jun 2015
Lichen App screenshot
Assessing atmospheric nitrogen pollutants
5th Jun 2015
Large group of harlequin ladybirds
Large-scale citizen science across Britain
20th May 2015
CEH, Lancaster University and CRAES researchers
Continued efforts between the UK and China to improve the environmental science to policy process
19th May 2015
Part of the April 2015 groundwater levels map in the UK hydrological summary
April 2015 hydrological summary for the UK
19th May 2015
Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural University, CEH, James Hutton Institute and Lancaster University
Researchers at Environmental Science to Policy Roundtable
25th Mar 2015
A swan on Loch Leven on a sunny winter's day
Database brings together more than 70 scientists from 20 countries
19th Mar 2015
Men's road cycling race during wet conditions in Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
Report is published on an approach trialed during Glasgow Commonwealth Games
18th Mar 2015
December 2014 - February 2015 rainfall as % of 1971-2000 average
Water resources for the last month remain looking healthy
12th Mar 2015
Yearly survey is invaluable for assessing plant health
2nd Mar 2015