Blackboard with the words 'New Skills' and 'Training'
Topics include lake ecology and water, land and crop management
17th Jan 2017
Flooding in England
Providing hydrology and forecast model expertise
17th Jan 2017
December 2016 river flows in the UK
December 2016 Hydrological Summary for the UK
17th Jan 2017
Collage of images representing the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation
Helping regional businesses make the move to a lower carbon economy
16th Jan 2017
Grizzled Skipper butterfly
New research in Global Change Biology
10th Jan 2017
Collage illustrating interests of the UK Environmental Observation Framework
Bringing together UK monitoring organisations
21st Dec 2016
Barn owl
PBMS and new invertebrate database among highlights
20th Dec 2016
High flow in a river
November 2016 Hydrological Summary for the UK
15th Dec 2016
Clocaenog climate change experiment site
Long-term CEH climate experiment part of study
7th Dec 2016
Spraying fertiliser on a field
New international management system to fight nitrogen pollution
5th Dec 2016