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We want to tell you about UKCEH in the words of our people.

We have more than 600 staff and over 50 students working across our four sites, with everyone playing a vital role in the organisation’s success.

Whatever role you are interested in at UKCEH, the voices of our people will help you to understand the impact you can make, the overall culture of the organisation, the benefits of working here and what it is truly like to be part of our team.

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Why we love working here

Hear in their own words why UKCEH people love working here!

The impact we make

Hear directly from UKCEH people about the impact they make in their various roles.

How we are supported

Hear directly from members of the UKCEH team about how they are supported in their career development with us!

Learn more about working at UKCEH

Eugene Green from the Workplace team

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