Complaints Procedure

The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology is part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). NERC provides information, funding, services and facilities to a large and diverse community. The community’s size and diversity means that both individuals and organisations will have comments, ideas, complaints and grievances relating to the NERC policies, procedures and services that they use. Because of NERC’s size and diversity there are many ways you can contact us. For us to deal with your grievances quickly and effectively, we adhere to a set of promises and to help us achieve them, we ask that you follow the procedure described below.

We will deal with all written complaints by:

  • acknowledging them immediately saying how long we will take to get back to you
  • fully and fairly investigating your complaints
  • sending you a full and swift response
  • considering your complaint when we review services for improvement

If you have a complaint about our services please let us know in writing by post, fax or e-mail. Please describe the complaint clearly and tell us what you think we could do to sort things out. Please give us your name and full postal address, email address and phone/fax numbers, so that we can get back to you.
Initially, please make your complaint to the person dealing with your requirements. If this person cannot deal with your complaint they will pass it on to a more senior person and give you their name.

  • If you are still dissatisfied or unsure of whom to contact, please write to the CEH Director:

Professor Mark J Bailey, by post at CEH's Wallingford headquarters or contact him via our enquiries email address.

  • If you remain dissatisfied please write to the Chief Executive of NERC:

Professor Duncan Wingham
The Chief Executive
Natural Environment Research Council
Polaris House
North Star Avenue

The Chief Executive will initiate a further formal investigation and reply to you directly with his findings. He will also advise you that if you are still not satisfied you can ask for your complaint to go to the Chairman of NERC Council.

Finally, if the complaint remains unresolved, we will advise you that you may contact any Member of Parliament who may agree to refer your complaint to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration (the Parliamentary Ombudsman).