Professor Alan Jenkins, Deputy Director, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Professor Alan Jenkins

Deputy Director, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Alan Jenkins is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and Director for Water and Pollution Science at CEH.

He is Chair of the UK Committee for National and International Hydrology, Head of the UK Delegation to the UNESCO International Hydrology Programme, Hydrological Adviser to the UK Government with the World Meteorological Organization, a member of the UK UNESCO Committee for Natural Sciences and UK representative to the European Network of Water Research Centres (EurAqua). Alan is also Chairman of the UN-ECE Joint Expert Group on Dynamic Modelling of Air Pollution Impacts within the Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution, a Leader of the Pilot Programme on Extreme Hydro-climatic Events in the EU Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Programme and a member of the UK CIWEM Panel on Water Resources.

Alan is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Geography, University College London and an Honorary Research Fellow of the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Aberdeen.

Research Interests

Alan's research focus is hydrochemical modelling, in particular the development of models for predicting the impact of air pollution on soils and surface waters. He worked for many years to develop and improve the MAGIC model and this now forms a focus for the assessment of the efficacy of international agreements on emission reductions. His wider interests include diffuse pollution and the transport of chemicals from soils to surface waters.

In his PhD on "The effects of fluvial processes on the dynamics of sanitary bacteria in upland streams", Alan developed a dynamic simulation model for sanitary indicator bacteria in rivers, a field in which he maintains a research interest. He also maintains an interest in large-scale ecosystem manipulation experiments. Alan coordinated the CLIMEX project which, largely with funding under EU FP4, was a major experiment to enclose a whole forested catchment in southern Norway within a greenhouse to increase the CO2 and temperature. He has also helped to establish major experimental and monitoring studies, both in the UK and further afield (Nepal and India) to assess and quantify hydrochemical pathways in relation to anthropogenic influences.


Alan's publication record includes more than 100 ISI journal papers, mostly in the area of water quality and hydrochemical modelling.

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