Dr Laurence Jones

Plant Ecologist

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Environment Centre Wales
Deiniol Road
LL57 2UW
T: +44 (0)1248 374500
F: +44 (0)1248 362133
E-mail: Dr Laurence Jones

Research interests

I have over 15 years research experience in the fields of ecosystem services, land use change, coastal ecology and air pollution.

My ecosystem services research has included: leading Defra projects developing the Ecosystem Services Approach for valuing air pollution impacts on ecosystem services. I lead a NERC BESS project on the role of diversity of landscapes in ecosystem service delivery. I led a Valuing Nature Network project on stocks, flows and scale in agricultural landscapes. I am workpackage leader developing ecosystem service modelling, mapping and trade-offs on the FP7 ROBIN project in Mesoamerica and Amazonia, and was a PI on the FP6 SENSOR project modelling impacts of land use change on ecosystem services/land-use functions and biodiversity indicators, in which we developed both indicator models and an integration framework for interpretation of environmental, social and economic indicators at EU level.

I am a sand dune specialist, with an interest in climate change and nitrogen impacts on soils, vegetation and hydrology, with a current focus on threatened highly biodiverse dune slack wetlands. I have extensive expertise on nitrogen impacts on nutrient-poor habitats, including sand dunes, acid and calcareous grasslands.

I have contributed to national and international assessments including: co-ordinating lead author on the Coastal Margins chapter of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA), contributing author for 3 other NEA chapters, contributing author to the North Sea region Climate Change Assessment 2014 (NOSCCA), and co-ordinating lead author for the Marine Climate Change (MCCIP) scorecard for coastal margin habitats 2012-13.

I present my scientific research and provide policy advice internationally, including to UN-ECE working groups on effects for Nitrogen and for Ozone, stakeholders in Brussels and Latin America, and nationally to Defra, the Environment Agency, JNCC, Natural Resources Wales, Natural England and the Welsh Assembly. 

I have authored/co-authored 43 papers and book chapters, 49 reports, and have supervised 6 PhDs.


Brief CV

  • 1996-present: Plant ecologist, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Bangor research site
  • 1997-2005: Part-time PhD, University of Sheffield
  • 1992-1993: MSc Ecology, University of Bangor    
    1989-1992: BA Honours Combined Studies, University of Newcastle     



Selected publications

See also the NERC Open Research Archive.

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