Bryan Spears at Kinghorn Loch

Discussing the restoration of Loch Leven, 2011




Dr Bryan Spears

Freshwater Ecologist

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology,
Bush Estate, Penicuik,
Edinburgh, Midlothian,
EH26 0QB 
Tel: +44 (0)131 445 4343
Fax: +44 (0)131 445 3943
E-mail: Dr Bryan Spears


Research interests

I am a freshwater ecologist with particular expertise in the biogeochemical transformation of nutrients within shallow aquatic ecosystems and the role of aquatic organisms in regulating these processes. I have experience in studying the roles of benthic microalgae, macrophytes, bacteria and macroinvertebrates in regulating nutrient cycling between sediments and overlying waters in shallow lakes.

Introduction to CEH's work on freshwater lakes (video)


Current work

I currently lead a series of projects designed to assess forced recovery in shallow lakes using phosphorus capping products. These studies range from laboratory scale assays to whole lake experiments, the results of which are being used to underpin policy development in the UK and EU on the use of novel lake restoration methods. This work continues to develop our understanding of ecosystem resilience and regime shifts in shallow lakes.

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lake restoration research


Current research projects

  • Assessing the use of phosphorus capping products for achieving WFD targets in lakes (EA-CEH)
  • Assessing the effects of Phoslock® application in Loch Flemington (SNH-CEH)
  •  Restoration of freshwaters and wetlands (CEH)
  • Assessing resilience across ecosystems (CEH)
  • Developing a decision support system for assessing management in lakes (CEH-Defra-EA)

Recent research projects

2012: Restoration of freshwaters and wetlands (CEH)

2012: Monitoring and assessment of the impacts of droughts (MWH)

2012: Climate change, algal growth and management of water supply (WRc)

2012: Ecosystem resilience: pattern, structure and function (WP1.1-CEH Internal)

2012: Assessing recovery from eutrophication in Loch Flemington following control of sediment phosphorus release using Phoslock® (SNH)

2012: EA-CEH Lake Restoration Project (CLEAR) (EA & CEH)

2011: Assessing the need for the control of internal phosphorus loading in EA lakes (EA)

2011: Assessing long-term studies of ecosystem regime shifts (CEH)

2011: Assessing recovery trajectories for Loch Fitty (Scottish Coal Ltd)

2010-2011: Developing the Magnetic Particle Induction System for cohesivity measurement of surfaces (NERC Innovations “A” award)

2010-2011: Flood-risk assessment of Linlithgow Loch (West Lothian Council)

2011-2012: Water quality monitoring at Loch Leven – 2008-2010 (SNH)

2010-2012: Restoration requirements at Linlithgow Loch (SNH & SEPA)

2010: The impact of phosphorus inputs from small discharges on designated freshwater sites (Broads Authority and Natural England)

2010: Assessment of restoration requirements at Hornsea Mere (NE)

2009-2012: Waterbodies in Europe: Integrative Systems to Assess Ecological Status and Recovery (WISER) (EU FP7)

2009-2011: Assessing lake restoration needs in the UK (CEH)

2008-2010: Variation in bacterial community composition in shallow lakes (CEH/Leverhulme)

2009-2012: Assessing forced regime shifts for speeding up recovery in shallow lakes (CEH; DAAD; Phoslock® Europe GmBH)

2008-2009: Physical ecosystem engineering by aquatic plants (NERC)

2008-2009: Literature review of the Tay catchment (CEH)

2008-2009: Developing methods for quantifying spatial heterogeneity in lakes (CEH)

2007-2009: Assessing trophic interactions in Loch Leven (CEH Integrating fund)

2007-present: Long-term monitoring of Loch Leven (CEH)

2007-2008: Identifying the gap to meet Water Framework Directive - Lake baselines (Defra)

2007-2008: Nutrient Modeling and a Nutrient Budget for Llangorse Lake (CCW)


Student projects supervised

  • Amir Zeb: The suitability of iron ochre and Phoslock for treatment of fish farm effluent (MSc Edinburgh University, 2008)
  • Erin Lotovsky: Uptake of heavy metals by algal periphyton in constructed wetlands for urban storm water runoff treatment (MSc Edinburgh University, 2008; distinction)
  • Victoria Davidson: Assessing historical trends in nutrient flux and stoichiometry from Loch Leven (MSc University of St Andrews, 2008)
  • Will Brownlie: Understanding the magnitude, frequency, and stoichiometry of nutrient delivery to and from lakes (MSc Kings College London, 2008; distinction)
  • Helen Bykova: Effects of physical disturbance on biostabilisation in intertidal sediments (MSc University of St Andrews, 2007)
  • Neil Robins: Assessing nutrient delivery from T in the Park music Festival (MSc Napier University, 2010)
  • Kirsty Jack: The effects of climate change on sedimentation rates in Loch Leven (MSc Stirling University, 2009)
  • Sebastian Meis: Assessing in-lake eutrophication management and P-stripping in shallow lakes (PhD submitted, Cardiff University 2012)
  • Naomi Ginnever: The photophysiology of rocky shore biofilms. (PhD in progress, Cardiff University)
  • Will Brownlie: Creating a phosphorus foot-printing scheme for rural and urban development (PhD in progress, Herriot Watt University)
  • Xintong Lee: Assessing the extent and impacts of red mud pollution at the global scale. (MSc Edinburgh University, 2012)
  • Justyna Olszewska: Assessing the effects of red mud pollution in Kinghorn Loch (Fife, Scotland) (PhD in progress, Edinburgh University)
  • Amy Anderson: Remediation of Esthwaite Water by top-down and bottom-up management: a whole lake experiment. (PhD in progress, Queen Mary University of London; Natural England)

Brief CV

  • 2007-present: Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (Edinburgh research site)
  • 2006-2007: Post-doctoral Research Associate / Laboratory Manager (Sediment Ecology Research Group, University of St Andrews)
  • 2003-2006: PhD University of St Andrews, Scotland: Role of benthic algae in regulating benthic-pelagic nutrient cycling in a shallow loch (Loch Leven)
  • 2000-2002: MSc Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada: Limnology in the Mackenzie Delta (Western Canadian Arctic)
  • 1995-1999: BSc (Hons) [2:1] in Environmental Science and Technology, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland

Recent publications

See also the NERC Open Research Archive.

Spears, B.M., Meis, S., Anderson, A. and Kellou, M. Comparison of phosphorus (P) removal properties of materials proposed for the control of sediment P release in UK lakes. Science of the total Environment (accepted)

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